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[Video/NOT YouTube] 'Bones' Comic-Con 2014 Spoilers: Booth Traumatized, New Digs and the 200th Episode

Bones fan favorites David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and Executive Producer Stephen Nathan took 4,000 Boneheads on a whirlwind 60 minute roller-coaster ride during their Comic-Con 2014 panel in San Diego today. 

The Bones fairies leaked earlier that we'll be rejoining the Jeffersonian team four months after Booth was sent to the emergency room after that riveting and harrowing showdown with five special forces maniacs who ripped the Mighty Hut to pieces. The FBI conspiracy is an ongoing arc, one that goes back many years, and you know Brennan and the squints would be working feverishly to sale the mystery and get Booth home for good...

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'Bones' Season 10: Psychics, prison and more Comic-Con 2014 spoilers

If you've taken away anything from almost 200 episodes of "Bones," it's that you shouldn't mess with a writer on the FOX hit. "Everybody should be nice to us because we can kill you in so many different ways," jokes executive producer Stephen Nathan on stage at the show's 2014 San Diego Comic-Con panel...

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Bones @ Comic-Con: Booth Behind Bars, Remembering Pops and a Return — Plus: Watch the Season 10 Trailer

The clink won’t be kind to Booth when Bones return this fall, the show’s stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan revealed at Comic-Con on Friday.
The action will pick up four months after the events of the Season 9 finale, with Booth feeling the effects of a life behind bars. “We will see a different side of him,” Boreanaz previewed, adding that his alter ego will suffer from PTSD.
“He’s definitely in a state of confusion with his present state of mind, with his state in the bureau, with where he is with Brennan,” the actor said...

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Some SDCC Twitpics/Vine Vids, etc. From Fans Online


Comic-Con: ‘Bones’ Team Teases About Season 10, But How Long Do They Want To Go?

Emily DeschanelThe Comic-Con panel for 20th Century Fox TV’s Bones was chock-full of spoilers for Season 10, but a balance of optimism and vagueness pervaded when it came to how long this series will be on the air. As Fox Networks Group Chairman/CEO Peter Rice mentioned at TCA, Fox would love more seasons of Bones, but it boils down to renewing the contracts of leads Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, which are up at the end of the season. Exclaimed executive producer Stephen Nathan, “To go 10 seasons like this was inconceivable, and I know these guys feel the same. They are so inspirational and kept these characters alive…Hopefully you’ll see us going to 20 seasons.”...


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'Bones' Season 10: Will Booth and Brennan have another baby?

When "Bones" returns for Season 10, fans will get a chance to see the toll Booth's arrest has taken on the otherwise happy couple. There is also a chance that Christine may be getting a new little brother or sister.

Spoilers from TVLine definitely indicate that this is a possibility for Booth and Brennan, once the former's legal troubles are solved...

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The Transcript from the 'Bones' Comic-Con Panel

Moderator: Alright and that concludes our Comic-Con 2014 ‘Bones’ panel. We’ll now open the floor to a Q&A with stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.
Audience: Hi, guys. Thanks so much for coming out today. I just had a quick question — what is Bones?...


BONES at Comic-Con: Live-Blog from GMMR

Thank you so MUCH, GMMR, for always posting these amazing live blogs!!! If you weren't able to make it to SDCC, don't worry... just click on the link below for the GMMR Live Blog of the panel!

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